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2 -3- 4 set

The STB BITE INDICATOR TRANS / REC has all the necessary characteristics to face any fishing situation (strong currents or winds, boat fishing, heavy rain…) 100% waterproof, light and elegant design that adapts to every situation. Powered by 9V batteries for extra long life. The tone, the volume of the light and the sound can be adjusted using 4 simple buttons on the front. This model has a transmitter that can be connected to a receiver that is also very simple to operate and adjust. A great option for all anglers, from beginners to high level competitors.

Indicator features

  • Digital technology
  • 100% waterproof 
  • 7 different tones, including mute
  • 6 sensitivity settings
  • 6 different tones
  • High visibility diodes
  • Center LED can be left on at night
  • 2 diodes on the lugs
  • Powered by 9v battery
  • Easy access battery compartment
  • Jack for lighting accessories
  • Simple push button adjustment
  • 4 buttons (Sensitivity, Light, Volume and Tone)
  •  Intuitive and easy adjustment Receiver functions
  • Digital technology
  • Range: 200m in open terrain
  • 4 volume levels
  • On Off button
  • 4 diodes (1 per rod)
  • 20s diode light time
  • Instant transmission
  • Powered by 3AAA batteries